Friday, August 22, 2014

Breaking: Bobov B"D Psak and Summary below

B”H The B"D in the Bobov dispute issued today it's ruling. Click Here Bobov Psak to download the Psak.

The following are some of the important highlights: Only R' Benzion Halberstam Shlita, the son of R' Shloime Halberstam Zatzal, can be called the "Bobov Ruv and Bobov Rebbe".

R' Mordechai Dovid Unger and R' Shia Rubin may not be called "Bobov Ruv and Rebbe". This applies to the US and everywhere else in the world.

It is the responsibility of Rabbis Unger and Rubin to make sure that they are not so called in any way shape or form. They must inform all newspapers and make sure that they are never so announced at weddings or anywhere else.

It is further their responsibility to make sure that whenever someone refers to "Bobov", it is understand unequivocally to mean the faction of R' Halberstam.

R' Unger and Rubin have the option to call themselves with an additional name of a town along with the name of Bobov, so long as the new town name comes before "Bobov". (For example they may choose to be called "Sanz Bobov" or "Rupshits Bobov". They also have the option to choose to call themselves "Bobov 45"). They must quickly choose their name. Once their choice is made, that name will become final and they may never change to a different name along with the name Bobov.

The Unger faction may not call their Moisdos and Corporations by any of the names being currently used by Bobov. Including but not limited to: Kehal Sharei Zion, Yeshivah Bnei Zion, Bnos Zion, Mesivta Eits Chaim, Kollel Zichron Chaim, Ameidei Zion, Camps Shalva and Gila. The Unger faction must change their Emblems. And they may not use the same uniform for the girls as Bobov is currently using.

EVERY SINGLE Bobov asset belongs to the faction of R' Halberstam. Including but not limited to the following buildings: New Beis Medrash, Old Beis medrash, Yeshiva buildings on 48 and 42nd streets, Mesivta buildings, Bnos Zion Buildings, Kerem Shloime Building, Mesivta camp in the Poconos, Camps Shalva, Kerem Shloime and Camp Gila.

The Unger faction shall receive $6.2 million - to be paid out over a period of 5 years. This is the grand total they will receive out of the vast Bobov enterprise.

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